Intentional Humanitarian Project

Hello Beautiful, Magnificent Co-Creators

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It has been 19 days since Embracing your Magnificence blog was launched. Wow, what a ride it has been.  I am deeply grateful to all the wonderful feedback I received.  The stats on the blog are really cool; it shows 585 mostly all in the first few days. Thank you so much for forwarding this information to the world, and a heartfelt thank you for all your loving words of inspiration, support, and your encouragement for me to keep going.

What a fast paced crazy month,   it has just flown by with plenty of opportunity to tie up loose ends and get really clear about what our intentions are for this pivotal year of change, transformation of  inner power and resolve.   I love writing intentions for what I want to create; I have a dear friend who recently asked me what my monthly intention is, as she is always inspired by that practice.

This is not a monthly intention,  but a yearly one.  I do encourage you to do the monthly one as well,  however for this project,  I have created a special tab that is called 2012 love based intentions and the vision that I have for it, it that you send in your intentions and I will post them on the blog for others to see and be inspired by.  I would love to see people from all over the globe send in their intentions for what they want to create in this most powerful year of change.

The 2012 tab is like an ongoing scroll that will just keep going, going going  and remember nothing is impossible.  We are always manifesting what we deserve in our life,  in our relationships, our health, career and finances .  Our intentions are so powerful in assisting us to create what we want to experience in our life. We are the creators of our life and we can choose to do anything we want.  It is time to think outside the box; begin to think that you are a creative brilliant mind.

What is your hearts desire?

What is your highest expression of joy?

What does your spirit really want?

What does your soul yearn for?  

We need your unique You!!!

You are being called to participate in this Intentional Humanitarian Project.

What contribution will you be?

I Dare You to be Bold and Powerful in your intention setting, take full responsibility for your life and be the change you wish to see in the world.

“Through the Power of Intention.”  all things are possible.

Want some help to create a meaningful intention click on this website link below  there is a wonderful exercise there to help you,  and you are on your way,  this is the first step,  so no excuses.

Evoke Your Greatness  

You Magnificent YOU!

You are the most beautiful being in the world and beyond.

You can’t be compared to anyone else.

You are one of a kind.

You are never alone.

You have always done your best.

You are always loved, said to me by a beautiful friend.

Please enjoy the following videos for inspiration, intention setting, and heart openings.  I know that some of you have seen them already but they are great reminders.

A Vision of A Beautiful New World

Snatam Kaur has released her first music video for the song Earth’s Prayer from her new album Ras.  Inspired by her deep love and sense of responsibility for the environment, Snatam says, “My intention for this song and this video is that it will help all of us awaken to our role as stewards of the planet.”  Directed and photographed by Robin Layton with music produced by Thomas Barquee.

Snatnum Kaur Intention to Awaken as Stewards of the Planet

2012:  A Year of Power  Lee Harris

From my heart to yours

Big juicy love

Kony’s Intention for 2012

It is with great  joy, and adoration,  I  Am Embracing my true magnificence and allowing unconditional love to lead the way!

I am joyfully letting go of the old me and the stories, and surrendering any limitations,  beliefs or blocks that are not in support of the new me.  I am trusting the inner knowing more and allowing the flow.

My Hearts desire for more play and living my inspired life, filled with contagious passion, freedom, adventure, authentic self expression, travel beauty, and yummy, yummy people.

My soul is in charge and I am called to embrace my destiny.  It is my contribution and my pleasure to be of service, to inspire you to listen to your hearts and souls, and stand in your power and be the creators of your life,  this will benefit the whole.

I Am Embracing a wholeNew Way of being and creating a new reality/consciousness/game that is in alignment and supports the frequency of the new paradigm in this aquarian age.  I am receiving great financial and spiritual abundance,  that in return for the support others are receiving, and playing with through this new reality game.

Bottom line is I am  tapping into my fullest creative potential, and projecting my visions, thoughts, and intentions out into the unified field.

Emerging City of Love,

What will you choose?  What are you saying “Yes” too?  How much love are you willing to receive?  How much play and pleasure are you willing to receive?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jene`
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 12:20:14

    I found you Kony. Looking forward to reading your page.


  2. Liza
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 14:53:17

    I surrender struggle and step into effortless freedom with sincerity, authenticity and laughter. My life is inspired, expressive, playful and full of love, joy and laughter. Prosperity and my true love come to me with joy, intimacy and deep affection. BOOM!


  3. Robyn
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 13:49:20



  4. Lorna Hannah
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 22:14:57 … my website name that has been birthed, and now my website, soon to be born!! In my magnificence, speaking my desire ~ the voice of spirit ~ and supporting folks in speaking their desire…. using erotic, sexual desire as a way to recognize, listen to the voice, speak that desire…. My intention…. to speak my desire, to let my voice be heard and have great fun developing and sharing my gifts through my business of somatic sex education…. supporting people in exploring eros and “speaking your desire”.


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