Take Ownership Now

You are just about ready to surrender,  choosing to leave behind old ways that are no longer working for you.

You are saying yes to stepping into a New Paradigm.

You’re awakening to a new consciousness and are ready for empowerment.

This excitement for your evolution and this feeling for your own contribution is having you feel, well, giddy inside.

Feeling so courageous and inspired to co-create your life without limits, you are being the change you wish to see in the world.  This new life invites you to a new way of being.  You feel empowered.  For the first time you are feeling WHOLE.  The love……. you radiate from the inside out is transforming everything in your surroundings, and you are amazed at how fast this transformation is happening for you. You feel liberated, conscious and fully awake, You are on a journey, your destiny is FREEDOM.   “It is a process.”

Come on, I will show you the way~~

Congratulate  yourself for landing on this page,

There are no accidents. ” Amazing synchronicities’ is what I like to call them.



Take Ownership Now, and Claim your Power!

I offer highly intuitive coaching sessions where I will guide you towards empowerment, leading you to take full ownership of your life, as you move into the experience of wholeness.  You will receive insight into your higher consciousness, focusing on your highest good.  On your path to self discovery you realize how timely it is to now be releasing the old limiting belief’s you inherited that are holding you back from stepping into your full creative potential.

What might some of the old ways be?

  • Omit, old patterns that you keep repeating which make you feel stuck. Staying in relationships which make you feel powerless or not worthy.
  • Holding onto old limiting beliefs that you are not good enough, or not smart enough.
  • Being challenged in your relationship with money, and there is never enough.
  • Feeling overwhelmed health wise.
  • Realizing your career is changing and not knowing what to do next.
  • Suppressing negative feelings inside you.
  • Emotionally reacting to what is happing in your life.
  • Being tired of feeling hopeless and depressed.
  • You are so ready to let go of suffering and struggle and 
  • The bottom line is to…. embrace your fears.

Our beliefs and our emotions create how we shape our reality.  Using our emotions as a tool for clearing old wounds and thus move into feeling emotionally response-able is assisting you on your empowerment path.  Remember, an emotion attaches to a thought, and when you feel triggered it is always, always something from your past that needs to get cleared, as every event is basically neutral.


Dear Kony

I sincerely want to thank you for the work you have encouraged me to do over the past six months. It has been an incredible wake up call for me. What I didn’t realize was how fear based my beliefs were. My mind was recreating all the negative beliefs I had in the back of my mind. I know from years of recovery that if you believe you are a victim, that is exactly what you will be.

I am amazed how you can see the Truth and so clearly express it. I see now that this is a process and time takes time to change. It doesn’t just happen. It is a process. I didn’t realize just how powerless I was. You kept repeating I “had to claim my power”. I can now appreciate your ability to show infinite compassion and challenge my dysfunctional beliefs, guiding me to look closer and realize for myself just how useless these old beliefs actually were. I had to see the deeper fears causing my inability to feel my emotions and get in touch with the underlying beliefs, touching the core of my being. I realize now it goes beyond reality and is a new paradigm we are living and being. It is about knowing the Truth and being the change we want to see in the world. It is about having the courage to change what I can.

You have been an incredible quide leading the way into the new paradigm. I can’t thank you enough for the miracle of this higher consciousness. I am very grateful that you have been the wayshower and the light.        Bruce Mount Vernon Wa,  June 2012

 “Before my session with Kony I was hung up.  Yes, I had done a lot of work but clearly my work had not included facing the darker feelings hung up inside that were preventing me from moving on, especially in my former relationship, that clearly had serious ego attachments.  I thought I had shifted my beliefs about the relationship but I was still stuck.  I hadn’t yet processed the deep rooted feelings associated with it.  Kony takes  someone right to the pain…where the habits stick, so you can experience the feelings associated with the pain, and move on quickly.  I now give myself permission to stop and really focus on the very important feeling piece that is associated with my situation so I can give myself permission to heal and move on with a clearer focus.  And forgiveness, for me, and for others.” (Eileen, Portland Oregon)  May2012



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