Empowerment Sessions

If you would like to purchase any sessions, please contact me using this link:  chooseahappylife@live.com.     When I receive your request, I will forward a Paypal link.

One Hour Emotional Clearing Empowerment Session:
We will clear out negative emotional blockages. You will feel lighter, clearer, and empowered.

1 hour session $119.00

One Month Empowerment Special:
This is where we clear out the clutter and let go of the old, non-supportive beliefs.  Together we clear your emotional blocks and firewalls that are holding you back.  I will guide you within, getting to the root of why you feel the way that you do, and in the process, identify and release negative emotions.  You will learn how to process your emotions, feel your feelings, and tap into your own inner dialog; thus, empowering yourself and moving you into self-acceptance.
You will be given tools that you can continue to use in your life.  This can be in any category of your life; such as, money, health, relationships, or career.

Package includes 4 one-hour sessions by phone or Skype, plus email support and homework. One Month Empowerment Special $399.00

Three Month Turn Your Life Around Package:
Become empowered and inspired in the areas of your life where you have felt powerless in the past.  You will realize that you actually can have everything you ever dreamed of.  What you thought was impossible will become possible.  You will embrace skills and talents that you never even considered.  This program is designed to get you emotionally balanced and moving in one specific area or project.

We will identify your deepest hidden beliefs and change them into new empowering beliefs.  We can work on any category that is important to you, from experiencing a healthy relationship with money, a thriving business, discovering your passion, being healthy, improving your relationships, or the most important one of falling in love with yourself.  This program is very practical and will have you doing homework each week.  Many participants who have gone through this program say they don’t recognize themselves from three months ago.  If you are serious about changing your story and are willing to do the work, get ready because your life is about to change.

3 Month Turn Your Life Around Package $1339.00

Package includes 12 one-hour sessions by phone or Skype, plus email support and homework.

Couples Coaching:
Take your relationship to the next level, where each partner is willing to accept responsibility and release the habit of projecting onto each other.  I will teach you how to communicate with each other when you are being triggered by your partner, and how to lovingly accept and communicate from a place of not taking it personally.  Couples Coaching is perfect for any couple wishing to regain a closeness they once had and expand their relationship to a much higher place.  You will learn how to communicate more lovingly and productively, and have a better understanding of one another’s needs.
Through couples coaching you will learn:
  • New ways of communicating your needs
  • Taking responsibility for your emotions
  • Stop blaming each other
  • Bring in more intimacy
  • Clarify your vision for a happy relationship
Take your love to new heights. Your relationship is worth it.
Couples coaching is purchased by the session.  Sessions are held in person, or by phone or Skype.  House calls are available for an additional fee.

1 hour session $189.00
Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.


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