What is this?  What is this blog about?

You/Me/ Oneness

My soul is yearning for a space a platform, for authentic self-expression,  a space that allows me to speak my truth,  be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  To grow my/your soul,   evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/ your  beautiful, brilliant mind.   A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed,  being  transparent  is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear(illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.  This space will evolve with a life of it’s own,  I have no idea,  how that is all going to look,  this space is set up for me/you to come in and express.  Transparency is Key.


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