Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership.   Author, Intuitive Mystic and Passionate Speaker,  Creator of Universal Wholeness Coaching Program, Co- Creator and Ignitor of Creative Heart Retreats in La Conner, Washington.

I am known as a Transformer, a Lightning Rod with Laser Beam Focus taking full responsibility for everything in my life, and empowering others to do the same.  Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for myself and others.  I shine my light brightly as a courageous example of self love, fearless compassion and leadership.

“My childhood had me well prepared early on, to never acknowledge myself and put my own needs aside….”

The way I see my life story today it was the perfect set up for me to become my own healer and love myself free. Feeling like a victim for a long time, feeling powerless, with no tools, and when it became to much I wanted out.

I wanted out of this place where I never really never really felt like I could fit in. Thankfully my soul had a different plan.
Walking the road less traveled and taking responsibility, it has been a long and painful path, but so well worth it.   It takes huge courage to not blame everyone and everything in regards to what was wrong and painful in my life, to become my own healer — my own authority over me — and stand in my inner power.

Undoing all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing my emotional core wounding became my life’s work. This is where I achieved self and life mastery.  Through this work — embracing and balancing my shadow by not making it wrong or bad — I began loving each and every part of myself back into wholeness.  The shadow is a part of us that has never been accepted and loved, and through our greatest pain we then tap into our inner genius.  By us healing our own shadow we heal the collective shadow as well.

Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever, ever had a thought that was attached to a belief that was attached to an emotion that I was not good enough, and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

Because of my own transformation having emotionally processed the entire Universe through my physical body these last 3 years, I was asked by the collective to create a Universal Community of Wholeness.  Thus the Wholeness coaching program was created in May of 2013.  This community of coaches is committed to raising the consciousness of the planet and offering their gifts in coaching others into self love and self acceptance and empowerment.  I am also certified as a Passion Test coach and Law of Attraction Coach and Facilitator.  I coach clients worldwide in the field of spiritually and personal empowerment.  If you are interested in One on One sessions, you will experience huge evolutionary changes.

The secret in life is experiencing the beauty in the mundane of everyday life.  For me it is creating life on my terms.  As a way-shower, my role is to demonstrate how it’s done and share the experience along the way. My daily practice includes self love and acceptance — this is ongoing — living life to the fullest, and expressing the deepest love in relationship to all things.  My life’s work has been about self mastery and my own ascension up in the spiral, so that I would be ready to assist Gaia with her Ascension when the time came and be a bridge for others.

That time is now!  We are the Grassroots of a new EARTH.

I live in a beautiful little romantic town in La Conner, Washington in the Pacific Northwest.  I am very passionate about Co-Creating and collaboration with like minded, like hearted, self empowered individuals whom are passionate about the New Earth. Together we will build an amazing New World on a foundation that is rooted in Love and Beauty… come join us.

I am a radiant light,
Expressing myself as Divinity~~~~ and so are YOU.
with deepest Love,
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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michaela Swan
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 11:19:20

    My sweet…. This is great. I wish everyone had a soul like yours.


  2. Lorna
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 14:42:34


  3. Shelly
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 14:47:35

    Miss Kony, Yes you do know how to LOVE and connect FULLY! You are amazing my friend! I look forward to reading your blog! Loving you! Shelly


  4. Cheri Anderson
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 19:08:42

    LOVE what you shared here, honey!! You are an incredibly gifted and big-hearted love bunny goddess of the FUNest sort!


  5. Jenny Hautman
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 22:38:40

    I don’t suppose you’re coming to London any time soon?


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