Discover “Who I Am”


As I sit in awe and wonder of this most transformative powerful year of 2012,  THE YEAR OF POWER!  “A year of Pioneers and Revolutionaries.”

A year to discover “Who I really Am”  as I am reflecting back at the many lessons I have learned,  how much I have let go,   the deep gratitude I feel for the yearning of my souls expression that has come to pass.  When I hear people say that 2012 did not really do anything or change anything,  This has to do with your own perception, You are the Creator of your reality, weather you believe this or not.

In September of 2011 I had a very painful experience where I surrendered my ego to my soul.  The reason this was so painful  because I was surrendering my motivations for external achievements and external attainments.  My motivation completely changed and this was deeply emotional and confusing for me,  as I really did not have a role model or a map of what I was doing,  I was trusting the process and looking back I always have.  The discovery  of “Who I am” is an inside job,  at times this was very lonely and my ego was having a very rough time with it.  What I learned is to have compassion for my ego,  my friend whom had been in charge and in control all these years and now as we  switch roles,  I became the compassionate witness.

I sat empty for months without  desire for anything.

One day I heard Source say to me I want to be expressed through Beauty.

In early January of 2012 I was listening to what wanted to be expressed from deep within my soul.

I started out the year with a very powerful intention and yearning of how I want to express myself, I also noticed that my want’s (desires) did not include the usual  material possessions and that something big had changed within me.

You/Me/Oneness  January 2012

My soul is yearning for a sacred space a platform, for authentic self-expression, a space that allows me to speak my truth, be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  A Universal Love Space, to grow my/your soul, evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/your beautiful, brilliant mind.  A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed,  transparency  is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear (illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.

With a powerful intention like this everything that is not that came up for me to transform so I can move past the lie’s and limitations that I have so brilliantly hidden from myself.  Now,  I am not saying at all that this was a piece of cake,  this work is not for the faint at heart, you know what I am talking about,  it takes so much courage to pave the path so others can have an easier time as they awaken and walk their path.  We all have our roles to play and more and more of us are honoring,  claiming and receiving clarity on what our role is.  It sure makes it a lot more fun,  taking full ownership of our creations,  very empowering and inspiring.  I am so excited to step into 2013,  Express more, love more, nurture you more, play with you more, witness you more,  open my heart more, and be more and more authentic and transparent.  I start my new Radio show called “Expressing YOU”  the first show airs on January the 18, 2013.   Right after our first Global Ascension Center Retreat in La Conner.   Oh my what a powerful way to start of the year.

Before I sign off here,  I want to tell you,   all the beings on earth and beyond,  I love YOU! and I thank you.

If you are reading this,  really take this in.   I really really love you,  I am so very grateful for you, all the hard work you have done and are doing on this earth,   My goodness,  we don’t say it enough to each other. You do touch my life by the breath that you take, as we are One.   You are so beautiful,  I deeply honor your journey where you are right now and the love that you are.  Thank so much for your willingness to be courages and discover the truth and the beauty that is within you.  May your light continue to shine bright and may you claim more and more of you to share and express.  Namaste,  my loves.

One of my favorite messengers “Lee Harris” he is a wonderful role model for me and I deeply resonate with his December message.   I am also inspired to include the video he did at the beginning of 2012, this message is relevant now as well.

Have a beautiful Holiday and thank you for Expressing YOU.

Loving you,


December 2012 Message

The Year of Power

January 2012 Message





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mystik Moon
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:26:51

    We love you too, Kornelia! And, thank you so much for sharing from your depths with us. We have no clue how many people we touch when we set out to “Shine our lights” and you did so quite intentionally and powerfully:) You Go Girl:)


  2. Vivian
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 11:39:34

    Can’t express how much I needed to read this today! Thank you for reinforcing the importance of our Inner Light and it’s effect on others. In the early Spring is when I first heard my inner voice or higher source tell me “Never be afraid of the dark when you carry a light within you”. Apparently I wasn’t the only one hearing this type of message this year. Namaste 🙂


  3. Julie Andersen-Høyer
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 22:23:38

    Hello Kornelia.
    Sitting here in Denmark and cold early december morning, and I just want to say thanks for giving me hope and courage to take another step into the divine you/me. Love and bliss. Julie


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